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Elk is one of the largest species of deer and one of the largest mammals found in North America and Eastern Asia. Elk commonly range in forests and forest-edge habitats. They are grazzers, as their diets consist of feeding on grasses, plants, leaves, and bark.

Elk are not commonly harvested for large scale meat production. They are considered to be a "game meat" or "exotic meat". Elk meat is very high in protein and low in fat when compared to any other beef or chicken, it also offers a great source of iron, phosphorous, and zinc, but is typically a little higher in cholesterol. Elk meat tastes like a mix between beef and venison.

Elk Meat is considered by many to be very delicious, as it is commonly much leaner than most other meats, while providing a great source of health benefits.  Elk steaks and Elk Roasts are best to be flame-broiled or barbequed, yet since it is a "game meat", Elk is best when served cooked, but as rare as you can tolerate, or it is suggested to use a marinade or other moist cooking method in order to preserve taste and tenderness if desired to cook the Elk meat past medium.

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